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Online Prayer Meeting for PMM Missionaries
May 28, 2020

Due to the widespread outbreak of coronavirus across the world, many countries have exercised travel bans to other countries and people with confirmed infection are being required to remain in quarantine until they are recovered and found negative. About three months after the initial outbreak, the coronavirus spread quickly throughout the world.

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) has 39 missionaries serving through the Pioneer Missionary Movement (PMM), which is a cross-cultural church planting project within NSD territories. In addition, some PMM missionaries serve in countries beyond the NSD territories since other Divisions have requested them to serve in unentered cities. Now in 16 different countries, they are serving as church planters. Most of them serve in developing countries, and those countries have a limited number of test kits for the coronavirus. Eight PMM families returned to Korea for the safety of family members. Thirty-one PMM families still remain in the mission fields, caring for their flocks. 

The NSD Adventist Mission department planned for a special prayer meeting for the PMM missionaries using Zoom, a video conferencing software. Social distancing recommended strongly by each government keeps members from getting together in a church building for worship. Many churches are having online worship services because of this situation. Getting the idea from online worship, a Zoom meeting was planned.

The online prayer meeting was held on April 13, 2020, for two hours in the evening. Thirty-four PMM pastors and 17 NSD officers, directors, and working staff joined the prayer meeting. 

Representative pastors reported on the mission projects they are engaged in and the difficulty of their current situation. PMM pastors introduced various mission projects and activities and shared how COVID-19 is affecting people’s lives. Most PMM pastors are taking care of members and teaching the Bible to seekers through SNS and online because many places are locked down.

Division officers and directors prayed for each of them after their report and expressed their concern. Pastor Lee Jichoon, Korean Union Conference ministerial secretary, joined this prayer meeting and shared encouraging words with the PMM pastors. NSD president Kim SiYoung also gave them encouragement with the words of God and prayed for their safety and faithful service as God’s servants. This Zoom prayer meeting was the first online prayer meeting with PMM pastors. Many PMM pastors gave their feedback by expressing great thanks to the NSD for their concern and for their prayers.  

Article by Joo MinHo, NSD Adventist Mission Director