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Year End Mission Story of Golden Angels 16
January 06, 2020

The year 2019 was a prosperous and bountiful year for me, not only having a chance to join the Golden Angels, the singing missionaries of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), but witnessing countless miracles of God. Sharing my time and talent for the people in the mission field was worthwhile. The usual reports have focused on our activities and the results of the evangelistic meetings in our mission trips, but for this issue, my team and I want to share a piece of the miracle stories or experiences we had during our mission trip to Taiwan from November 17 to December 22, 2019. These are the shared testimonies of the members on how they witnessed God’s power in the mission field.

“At the Nanzhuang Church, the first church in our mission trip, I asked the church pastor if there would be a baptismal ceremony at the end of the meetings and his answer was negative. On the third day of the series, however, it amazed me that two persons responded from the altar call for baptism, and more people responded the following day. On Friday morning, five persons were baptized! I praise the Lord!”

Choi JaeHyun, GA16 Bass

“On the first night of evangelistic meetings at the Douliu Church, the seats were occupied by many university students who had come to the church for the first time. The next day I was a little discouraged that fewer people attended the meeting due to the rain. On the Sabbath day, I was so happy to see the church filled with so many people that we even had to bring more seats to cater to them all.”

Lee Sung Shin, GA16 High Tenor

“I met so many kids in the Nanzhuang Church. Many of them were from poor families, but they all seemed to really like getting along with us. They looked closely at what we did and showed interest in our activities. There was a little boy who always sat next to me and tried to listen carefully to the pastor’s sermon. I was touched by his beautiful faith since it is not easy for kids to stay listening for a long time. One day, I saw a scrape on his head, and I felt worried about him. My heart was troubled because he was too young to have a tough life. I tried my best to share God’s love with him. I thank God for using me to share His love through the Golden Angels ministries.”

Kim JiYoung, GA16 Soprano

“On the Sabbath day at the Douliou Church, a group of university students attended the worship. In the afternoon, we had a chance to interact with them and teach them English songs. Even though I was not good at teaching songs, I tried my best to share with them how to sing well. I saw that the students enjoyed singing even if their singing was not perfect. As I heard them singing, I was reminded of why I was singing, of why I had joined the Golden Angels. Unfortunately, I had started focusing on making my songs and performances perfect and not caring about doing God’s work with joy. As I listened to their songs, I heard God telling me, “My daughter, why don’t you enjoy singing for me? It’s okay not to be perfect. I already know your heart.”

Kwon JinJoo, GA16 High Soprano

“My uncle had previously served as a Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM) pastor at the Douliou Church. When I had visited my uncle’s mission field, there had been no church building, but I saw my uncle dedicating himself in his ministry. I am happy that now the church has a beautiful building which serves as a shelter for many church members and its neighbors.”

Chung SoMin, GA16 Second Tenor

“At the Nanzhuang Church in Miaoli, our group visited a restaurant that is owned by a church member. We noticed that the owner has a big belly. We thought she must be pregnant and would give birth in a month. When we were told that she has liver cancer, we were all shocked. We could not see any pain on her face, and she welcomed us with hospitality! What a strong woman she is! After we finished our lunch there, we sang a couple of gospel songs for her. When we sang the song ‘Total Praise,’ she was so moved that she couldn’t help crying. I gave thanks to God for delivering a blessing to her even though I was not able to change her situation. Next day, I saw the woman attending the evangelistic meeting. I was surprised because the church pastor said that the woman had not attended the church for a long time. Praise the Lord for inspiring and encouraging her. She also brought some fruit for us. I sincerely hope that the woman will be healed by God’s grace. I will keep praying for her and her family.”

Tsao Chung Hsuan, GA16 Baritone

“I believe that it is God’s providence that I had the chance to minister at the Taitung Church during our trip. Mr. James was hired as a driver to pick us up and drive us to Taitung from Miaoli. As we were headed to Taitung, I was looking at the beautiful sky when the driver suddenly said to me, ’The sky will be like that when Jesus comes.’ What he said caught my attention and we started talking. I discovered that he is a Presbyterian church member. On the way, I had the chance to share with him about Adventist beliefs and prophecy in the books of Daniel and Revelation. I am sure that it was God’s plan that he was the one who drove for us instead of his friend who should have been the one to pick us up. When we arrived at the church, we gave him a Golden Angels CD, and he was very happy and blessed!”

Leah Servidad, GA16 Mezzo Soprano

“I remember the story in the Bible of the widowed woman who gave her last bit of money as an offering. She was not rich, but she gave everything. The church member at the Nanzhuang Church were like that; they give more than they have, which makes me cry. The point is that even though their knowledge about the Bible might be limited, they trust God with all their hearts. They walk by faith and not by sight.”

Wu Enya, GA16 Alto

In addition to the Nanzhuang, Taitung, and Douliou Churches, there were many churches we visited during the past twelve months of our ministry in the NSD territories as Golden Angels. I believe that each church has its own miraculous stories that reveal how God has led the churches.

Recalling God’s blessings and miracles in our ministries makes me amazed of His marvelous grace because He has sustained us until the last moment of our journey. For all the days of work for Him, the Golden Angels together with our directors Pastor Kim NakHyung and Pastor Cho DaeYeon will forever be grateful for the privilege of serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, my team and I are thankful for the NSD family, PMM pastors, local church pastors, church members, and friends in the mission field. Because of their support and prayers, our team’s mission has been successfully accomplished. Even though a year of mission ends as Golden Angels, we will continue to go forward until Jesus comes because this is what the Lord has commanded us: “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth” (Acts 13:47).

To God be the glory! Golden Angels 16 signing off.

News article by Leah Servidad