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HisHands Training Seminar and Starting Ceremony in Yonago Church and Asahikawa Church in Japan
December 16, 2019

 Asahikawa Church of the Japan East Conference and Yonago Church of the Japan West Conference held a HisHands foot massage missionary training seminar and a starting ceremony from March 29 to 31 and September 6 to 9, 2019, respectively. Pastor Han SukHee, HisHands Mission Movement (HHMM) Coordinator of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), and Elder Nam SunKyu, HisHands foot massage trainer, and Pastor Kobayashi, HHMM director of the Japan Union Conference, were invited for these events.

These two churches had been selected as HHMM monitoring churches in this Year of TMI Mission in Japan. They have been preparing for a few months to begin HHMM in earnest and were finally able to take the first step.

“HHMM will create a great synergy effect when it combines medical ministry as the right hand of evangelism and publishing ministry as the left hand,” the main speaker, Pastor Han encouraged the participants. “When all the HisHands missionaries, holding medical ministry methods in one hand and gospel publications in the other, find truth-seekers in every village and every district, serve their needs, and lead them to Jesus, our church will experience unprecedented spiritual revival and growth.”

Elder Nam SunKyu, foot massage trainer, said, “’When I massage people’s feet with the heart of Jesus, they open their locked hearts and accept our publications and invitations with thanks.” His practice resulted in great interest and responses from all participants.

Through these two seminars, 25 people from the Yonago Church and 20 people from the Asahikawa Church, 45 members all together, were appointed as HisHands missionaries. They have dedicated themselves to going out to find truth-seekers, holding publications ministry methods in one hand and medical ministry methods in the other, with the heart of Jesus, and as the hands and feet of Jesus.

News Article by Han SukHee, NSD HHMM Coordinator