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Golden Angels Mission Trip to Mongolia: Presence of the Holy Spirit and an Inspirational Moment
November 11, 2019

 The Golden Angels, singing missionaries of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), and Pastor Kim NakHyung, NSD Youth Ministries director, took a two-week mission trip to Mongolia from September 15 to 30, 2019. We conducted an evangelistic series at Maranatha Church for a week and then moved to Nisek Church to spend the other week. 

When we first arrived in Mongolia, the fresh air and cool breeze greeted us. The beautiful landscape of Mongolia refreshed our hearts and infused us with passion for mission work. The next day, evangelistic meetings began at the Maranatha Church. The senior pastor of the church, Munk-Orgil Lakhagvaa, is Youth Ministries director of the Mongolian Mission as well. He serves the church members faithfully, and the members work together closely for the church.

The Golden Angels members divided into four groups and shared the message on God’s creation in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. The classes ran in three different languages, which were Korean, English, and Chinese, two hours a day.

Worship service began at 5 p.m. The Golden Angels led praise and worship time to open the hearts of attendees toward Jesus before the evening worship started. Pastor Kim delivered a message every evening, and the attendees were moved by his strong message. Whenever they were touched by the Holy Spirit, they gave a big applause and shouted “Amen.” On the last day of the series, four souls decided to get baptized.

The second week of our mission trip was at Nisek Church. The Public Campus Ministries missionaries are serving the church for campus mission. The church is smaller than the Maranatha Church, and about 50 people attended the worship every evening. We taught creation in three different languages as we did in the Maranatha Church, trying our best to introduce God as Creator to the participants.

We thank God that many souls came closer to God as they listened to our songs and to the precious message which was delivered by Pastor Kim. We were amazed at how the Holy Spirit worked in their hearts during the series. A total of nineteen people decided to be born again by baptism on the last day of the series. We said a loud “Amen” to glorify God. Among them, young people under 16 had to obtain parental content in order to be baptized. It is forbidden by law to be baptized without their parental consent. We believe that missionaries in Mongolia will continue to build relationships with these young people and lead them to God by baptism.

During the two weeks of evangelism, we found out that the Adventist members in Mongolia are quite young in general. I can say that Adventist churches in Mongolia are energetic and have great potential for growth. I would like you to join us in praying for Adventists in Mongolia so that they continue to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and preach the gospel to people in their country.

Choi JaeHyun, Golden Angels 16