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2012 NSD Pathfinder Camporee Was Gracefully Ended
August 13, 2012

On August 11, the 2012 Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) Pathfinder Camporee was successfully ended with God's grace. This first NSD Camporee, which was titled, “Tidings from the Northeast(Dan. 11:44)”, was held for six days at the Sahmyook University campus in Korea.

There were approximately 4,500 participants including 4,026 Koreans, 194 Chinese, 93 Taiwanese, 50 Mongolians, 46 Japanese and 18 participants from Hong Kong. There were also 34 American Pathfinder members from the Oklahoma Conference, USA.

The Closing Ceremony began with a concert from the Golden Angels 9th Group members. They sang various beautiful songs such as “Alpha and Omega”, and “It Is Done”. After the concert, there was time to present appreciation plaques and prizes for the outstanding Pathfinder leaders and clubs.

Those outstanding clubs were from the following churches: From Korea, the SabyukIsuel Church, the Shinryewon Church, the Shiji International Church, the Gongreung Church, and the Samchuk Church; from Taiwan, the Wenrei Church; from Mongolia,the Ulaanbaatar Church; from Japan, the Yamanuma Church; and from China, the Zhinan Church.

NSD President Dr. Jairyong Lee delivering a special message

98 Pathfinder members were baptized(* Click to view bigger images)

Drill & Marching of Taiwan Pathfinders

Drill and Marching of Mongolian Pathfinders

Pinning ceremony for the outstanding groups

Golden Angels' Praise and Worship

Group Prayer of Pathfinder members

During the closing sermon, Pastor Ron Whitehead, the Executive Director of Center for Youth Evangelism (CYE) said, “This Camporee was so full of creative programs. With music, drama, costume, culture, new techniques, but most of all it has helped us to draw near to Jesus to share Him with other people. And I am so touched by that fact.” He also introduced to the participants the 2014 General Conference (GC)International Pathfinder Camporee that will be held at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA.

The NSD Youth Director, Kim, NakHyung, said, “I am so happy and thankful to God for helping us to successfully finish this great event. I want to share my appreciation for the great support of our pastors, staff and volunteers for their wonderful dedication.”

Before the closing, the Camporee participants had time for group prayers. Then there were beautiful fireworks and lifting of flying lanterns into the sky. In the afternoon of this last day there was a baptismal ceremony. About 98 pathfinder members from 40 churches were baptized.  The Second NSD Pathfinder Camporee will be held in Taiwan in 5 years.