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The Korean Union Conference’s Quinquennial Session Ends Gracefully
February 23, 2021

 The Korean Union Conference’s 36th Session was held on December 6, 2020, with the slogan “I Will Go,” a strategy for concentrating on missionary work during the new term of the Korean Union Conference (KUC) in accordance with the General Conference. The session, which was held amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, was “multi-location” in a “one day” and “untact” manner, reflecting the quarantine authorities’ social distancing guidelines and concerns of the third outbreak of COVID-19. 

Representatives from various regions across the country gathered at the Byeollae Church, which serves as the site of the headquarters, as well as four large churches that are located near the headquarters. All processes were operated by both video conferencing and face-to-face meetings. Since the meeting, which normally takes three days, was reduced to a one-day event this time, it mainly focused on appointments, such as the election of new leadership, rather than policy discussions. 

“The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 made us face numerous challenges both inside and outside the church,” Kim SiYoung, president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, said in the opening sermon. “We should look to God, who governs the history of the world. I hope today’s session will be a time of deep reflection on God. According to His guidance, we should plan, decide where to go, and serve the church.” 

Attendees were briefed on various projects, including “Hope 2020,” conducted by KUC over the past five years. The reports of five local conferences and institutions under KUC, such as hospitals, educational institution, a publishing house, a food company, and others, were made by video and written documents in order to save time.

With more than a majority of the representatives present at the nominating committee’s proposal, Pastor Kang Soon-Ki, who was serving as the president of the East Central Korean Conference, was elected as the new president of KUC, to work for the next five years. Pastor Park JungTaek, who was working as the president of the South West Korean Conference, was appointed as the new executive secretary, and Elder Park JongKyu, who was serving as an internal auditor of Sahmyook University, was elected as treasurer.

Pastor Kang Soon-Ki, the newly elected leader of KUC, said in his acceptance speech, “I feel a heavy responsibility for God’s calling and the words of the prophet Isaiah pass through my mind, ‘Woe to me, I am ruined, and I am a man of unclean lips.’ It is hard and sad to look at various problems Korean churches face, but I believe that God has a way to solve these problems, and I will follow him.” 

Looking back on his term, Pastor Hwang ChunKwang, former president of KUC, said, “Big and small things constantly happened in both society and the church. None of the days were easy. Moreover, in 2020, the last year of the quinquennium, people had to live with constraints and crises due to the coronavirus. But under all circumstances, God has always been with us. Every day was entirely through God’s grace.” 

Then, he thanked church members and pastors across the country for cooperating for the past five years, saying, “We should always look at Jesus Christ and stand firmly on the word of God and walk the path of a true Adventist. Whether you get the time or not, in season and out of season, you should arm yourself with Isaiah’s “I Will Go” spirit, spread the gospel, and focus on your mission to save people.” 

NSD president Kim SiYoung said in an appreciation speech, “Even though the last term was a time of challenges and difficulties, KUC planned and promoted various mission projects that were timely and appropriate. I am sure that KUC is heading in a future-oriented direction, which focuses on strengthening local churches and implementing practical mission strategies particularly for children and youth.”

KUC’s 36th Session held with the slogan “I Will Go” ended at 9 p.m., accommodating the one-day schedule. As it was held in the pandemic situation, the meeting was strictly in compliance with quarantine guidelines. There were some minor technical problems due to a blending of online and offline, but overall, all the steps, procedures, and programs ran smoothly by God’s grace and guidance.