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Third PCM Missionaries Dedication Ceremony
January 11, 2021

 The Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) had a dedication ceremony for the third batch of Public Campus Ministries (PCM) missionaries. The dedication ceremony was held at Paju International Church on November 7, 2020. Four young missionaries have volunteered to serve for one year in campus mission in a foreign country.

NSD president Kim SiYoung delivered a special sermon for the missionaries with the story of Paul’s third missionary journey. “A missionary is a person chosen by God to teach His word and to evangelize people. A missionary is a person who gives his or her whole life to Jesus. Whenever you meet and talk with someone in your mission field, let Jesus Christ be the center of your talk.” He also said, “Don’t forget the spirit of humbleness and sacrifice that Jesus showed us as a missionary. Sometimes people may misunderstand you. In particular, with the COVID-19 situation, there will be more difficulties and challenges than ever. But remember that you are not fighting alone. God will protect you, give you wisdom, and meet your needs.” His words of encouragement uplifted and strengthened the hearts of the missionaries.

As a representative of the third batch missionaries, Kim YeIn gave the dedication speech, saying, “I am determined to serve God with pure principles, and I will devote myself to the Lord by purifying the temple of the heart and putting Christ in the heart. I look forward to seeking and praying and asking how the Lord will use us.”

All four missionaries are being dispatched to Taiwan, where COVID-19 has been relatively well controlled compared to other countries and where mission work is available. Kim YeIn was assigned to Baquiao Church. Min SiYoung will be helping a pastor plant a church in Taipei City. Park SeolAh and Choi JiSoo will do their campus mission with Golden City Church in Hsinchu. Nam DongHyun, who is currently serving in Beitun Church, has decided to extend his service in Taiwan for another year.

Before PCM missionaries are dispatched to their mission fields, Pastor Kim NakHyung, director of NSD Youth and PCM Ministries, and Pastor Yoo KyungHo, Korean Union Conference PCM director, provide basic training, which will help the missionaries to understand the culture of the country, the current situation of the Adventist Church, the significance of campus mission, and other topics. 

For the past two years, God has richly blessed PCM. Thirty young college students have participated in the ministry as missionaries. Through their efforts, 77 non-Adventist college students have been led to the church, and 41 people have been baptized. 

The NSD PCM will continue to send missionaries to numerous non-Adventist college students who do not know Jesus Christ. They will continue to move forward with campus mission and church planting.

by Pastor Kim NakHyung, NSD PCM Director